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The bridge over the river Lugg viewed from the south east. An inscription records that it was constructed in 1771 and widened in 1938.
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Mortimer's Cross Inn
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Visiting the battlefield

Facilities: There is a pub at Mortimer’s Cross and possibly at Kingsland (the Monument Inn). There is a café at National Trust property of Croft Castle (3 miles). The nearest town is Leominster (5 miles). Nearest TIC is Leominster.

This is a delightful part of England, with a varied landscape of hills and valleys, of woods and fields. However the battlefield itself is notable for its flat character and regular hedged partly arable fields. Given the uncertainties about the location and character of the action and the loss of key elements of the landscape as it was at the time of the battle, a visit to the battlefield is not as rewarding as one might hope. However it is worthwhile, because it allows the visitor to explore the alternative sites and there are various other places of military and other tourist interest in the surrounding countryside.

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