Mortimer's Cross


Welcome to our blog for the Mortimer's Cross 1461 community battlefield archaeology project.

This project was initiated by members of the community, the Battlefields Trust and has been funded by supporters and an 'Our Heritage' grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

 It is being delivered in partnership with the University of Huddersfield and volunteers from the Herefordshire local area and across the UK.


This project will:

  • Raise awareness of the wider historical importance of the Battle of Mortimer’s Cross during the Wars of the Roses and highlight its great significance in bringing Edward IV to the throne.
  • Promote battlefield visits and enhance the experience of visitors by producing high-quality interpretation and visitor information for use on-site and online, using local support.
  • Meet the demand for an improved understanding of the battle, battlefield and historic landscape amongst the local and wider community, through locally run public events, exhibitions and school activities.
  • Engage volunteers from local communities in an investigation of the battlefield and historic landscape, local folklore and place names and reported finds, to more accurately identify the site and improve understanding of that landscape.
  • Provide information on the battlefield’s extent and character, enabling more effective conservation management and further supporting the case for its addition to the Battlefields Register.
  • Provide training for volunteers from the local and national community to fill an important gap in knowledge and skills in better managing this and future battlefield investigations. Specifically by developing skills in the battlefield and wider historic landscape interpretation, conservation, project design and management.
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