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  Further Reading

There are many books which deal with the Bosworth campaign but probably the best overview is provided by Griffiths & Thomas. Two of the books whose main theme is the battle itself also deal very effectively with the campaign, those by Bennett and by Jones. Another good short summary is by Goodman, who discusses the campaign and the battle in the wider context of both the events and, most importantly, military practice of the Wars of the Roses.

  • Griffiths, R. and Thomas, R. (1993) The Making of the Tudor Dynasty, Alan Sutton, Stroud.Bennett, M. (1993) The Battle of Bosworth, Alan Sutton, Stroud
  • Goodman, A. (1981) The Wars of the Roses: Military Activity and English Society 1452-97, Routledge, London.
  • Jones, M. K. (2002) Bosworth 1485 : psychology of a battle, Tempus, Stroud.


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