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Map of the location of the battle on Danesmoor given by Beesley.
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Beesley's map showing the location of Danesmoor, but he does not mark where the burials were found in Chipping Warden.
Archaeology of the battle

In the early 19th century burials were discovered to the south of the church at Chipping Warden. This included a large pit put of human bones and a quantity of spurs. There were also a number of single interments laid out in lines. These burials have been suggested as being associated with the Battle of Edgcote.  It is possible that they represent royal troops caught and killed during the rout as they tried to escape through the streets and enclosures of Chipping Warden village. However, in the absence of more accurate location information about the discovery and a modern re-excavation of the site, it is difficult to determine the true relevance of the burials to the battle of Edgcote.

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