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  Further reading on the battle

The importance of the poem ‘The Battle of Maldon’ in Anglo-Saxon literature means that there are a wide range of publications relating to the battle. The attached list is an extensive but not necessarily comprehensive list of the works relating to the battlefield, the battle and the poem. Most of these have not been consulted in the preparation of the account presented here, which draws heavily upon the English Heritage report. The latter provides a very good summary of the evidence and review of the analysis presented in the various other secondary works published before 1995. The most important single volume is the collection of papers presented at the anniversary of the battle in 1991, which has also been consulted for these web pages:

  • Scragg D.G. The battle of Maldon: fact or fiction?, 1993

There are many studies of warfare and weaponry in this period, of which just one or two examples are listed here:

  • Nicolle, David. Medieval Warfare Source Book: volume 1: Warfare in Western Christendom, 1996, 53-102.
  • Pedersen, Anne, Scandinavian Weaponry in the Tenth Century: The Example of Denmark, in Nicolle, David, Companion to Medieval Arms and Armour, Woodbridge, The Boydell Press, 2002


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