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Tattershall Castle viewed from beyond the outer moat. The castle, now in the care of the National Trust, was a royalist garrison at in 1643, at the time of the battle of Winceby.
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The ruins of Bolingbroke castle
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HORNCASTLE (4 miles)

The royalists were pursued and many killed all the way to Horncastle, the main town in the area now as then. In the church, beneath the tower, is the tomb of Ingram Hopton, who was killed in the battle at Winceby:

Here lieth the worthy
and memorable K(nigh)t Sir Ingram
Hopton who paid his debt
to nature and duty to his King
and Country in the at-
tempt of seizing the Arch-rebel
in the bloody skirmish near
Winceby October ye 6 A.D.
Nec mori per vim metuit tenente
Caesare terras
Paulum sepultae distat inertiae
Celata virtus

Also, on the wall of the south chapel, there are 13 scythe blades. In the past they have sometimes been associated with the battle at Winceby. This is clearly wrong and it is now generally agreed that they are likely to relate to the Lincolnshire Rising of 1536.

The church appears normally to be locked, except when open with supervision. In 2004 it was open Easter to September 10:00 4:00 Mondays to Saturdays, but oddly not on a Sunday. However this is subject to volunteers being available to supervise, so if you are planning a visit it is best to ring the Church Office (01507525600) to check.


The battle of Winceby was fought between the besiegers and a royalst force coming to the relief of the besieged royalist garrison at Old Bolingbroke. After Winceby the garrison held out for another five weeks but finally surrendered. The garrison was in the Castle, which is now a ruin in the care of English Heritage, but managed by Heritage Lincolnshire. The castle is accessible to visitors and is signed from the road junction in the centre of the village, adjacent to the church. It is possible to park immediately next to the entrance gate.

For further information on the castle visit the websites of:
The Friends of Bolingbroke Castle
Heritage Lincolnshire


Tattershall was another royalist garrison in Lincolnshire during the 1643 campaign. It is managed by the National Trust and is open to the public.

To find information on Tattershall and other nearby English Heritage or National Trust sites CLICK HERE


The nearest battlefield to Winceby that is described in this website is Stoke Field, to the west of Newark, almost 40 miles away.


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