The Battle of Worcester, the last battle of the Civil Wars, was fought on 3rd September 1651; nine years earlier the first substantial action of the war had taken place barely two miles to the south of the city, at Powick Bridge. Whereas that first skirmish had been a dramatic success for Prince Rupert's royalist cavalry, by 1651 it was parliament's New Model Army that was the dominant military force. This pack has been produced for the Battlefields Trust by Ian Binnie.


Educational Resources

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Educators Guide

Cromwell and Charles


Pictures of Soldiers

A Timeline

A plan of the battle

Equipment labelling



Classroom Resources

The Campaign – the narrative

The Battle of Worcester – the narrative

Exercises on Cromwell and Charles

Exercises on the Timeline

The story of the battle – Produce a Storyboard

A Lego documentary

A 'Bag of rubbish' documentary

Produce Shadow Play

Text Sources

Picture Sources

Terminology task

Labelling exercises

Powick Church

Mystery object


Could Prince Charles have won the battle? – Card Sort

Why did Cromwell win the campaign? – Concept Mapping


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