Magna Carta 800th



Magna Carta 800th Battlefields Trust Project


During the summer 2014, the Battlefields Trust was awarded an HLF grant of £98,000 to set up its Magna Carta 800th Project.  This enabled the project to proceed, including the temporary appointment of a full time member of staff, Edward Dawson, as project director.  The project closely with the Magna Carta 800th Committee which co-ordinated the national celebrations of the anniversary



This continuing project will concentrate on the Barons’ Wars before and after 1215, as well as the 1264 period involving Simon de Montfort.  One important aim is to pull together the Trust’s work at a regional level, to recruit new volunteers and boost membership.   A number of special events have been held, and the project would like to hear from any local groups who may wish to contribute to the ongoing programme of walks and talks.  Anyone who is interested should contact the Project via:



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