Bosworth 1485 A Battle Rediscovered

Friday 14th December 2018

A Special Afternoon at Richard III Visitor Center, 4A St Martins, Leicester, LE1 5DB where Prof Anne Curry will talk about the redisovery of the Bosworth battlefield and Richard Mackinder about subsequent archaeology there.  Those attending will receive a free copy of the book Bosworth 1485: A Battle Rediscovered by Dr Glenn Foard and Prof Anne Curry (RRP £45), a free glass of wine or tea/coffee and free entry to the Richard III visitor centre (normal price £8.95).



Programme at Richard III Centre


12.15    Drink in King’s Suite   

12.45    Professor Anne Curry - How Bosworth Battlefield was rediscovered

2.15      Richard III Centre Exhibition including the grave

4.00      Richard III’s tomb and walk round Leicester Cathedral  

5.00      Richard Mackinder – Latest archaeology and Interpretation of the battlefield since 2013


Tickets are £30 and are available from:

Kelvin van Hasselt – Founder & Vice President - The Battlefields Trust


Tel: 01263 – 513 560       





For further information.


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